The Wishlist by Eoin Colfer

Meg Finn, a strong spirited Irish teen, doesn’t feel quite right about helping Belch rob some old guys house. But there is no turning back now. Or ever, once the burglary goes horribly wrong. Old man McCall ends up interrupting the thieving and gets injured by Belch pit bull. Not wanting him to bleed to death Meg tries to distract Belch and call an ambulance. Every choice she makes, though, just puts her in a worse situation. A shotgun and an old gas tank ensure that both Meg and Belch end up in the tunnel to the afterlife. Meg’s attempted heroics, however, mean that she has evened out her karmic points half and half and she is sent back to Earth to try and save her soul.

With the Devil himself hankering for her eternal services on his side and her soul substance quickly fading in the mortal realm, Meg must help McCall finish his life’s Wish List before her time is up and avoid the Infernal attempts to ruin both their lives forever.


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Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb (Farseer Series)


Assassin’s Apprentice is set in a medieval world and features the full run of court intrigue, adventure, mystical talents and curses; as well as assassinations.

Young Fitz is the bastard of Crown Prince Chivalry. Tossed away as a small child by his Grandfather, Chivalry’s right hand man and stablemaster takes charge of the boy. While Fitz is acknolwedged as the bastard of the Crown Prince, he is mostly ignored and lost amongst the servants and royalty in the castle. That is until the fateful day he runs into King Shrewd. The King’s keen sense of preservation and command of loyalty in his subjects is used to convince Fitz to become a useful “tool” for the Kingdom. Thus, Fitz is thrown into arms and writing lessons. And the privileged art of stealth and poisons.

Will these lessons help Fitz find his place in the castle? Will his mysterious kinship with animals make him an outcast? Can Fitz prove himself worthy and useful. Most importantly, can he stay alive to help save the Kingdom from the dreaded Red-Ships?


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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

tfiosThis was my first foray into the world of John Green books. I’ve been a long time Nerdfighter and follower of his and his brother’s vlogs (Vlog brothers.) Though I’ve heard so much about his novels I never got around to reading them. Till now (and no it is not because it is currently being filmed, though it’s no bad thing to want to read a book because it has been created into a film! That is how we discover new things!)

I digress.

The Fault in Our Stars is the story of cancer, survival, death, and love. It’s about the different impacts you can have on the world and on others. It’s about how every desire is valid and admirable.

It’s about a sixteen year old girl named Hazel who is living through an ongoing fight with thyroid and lung cancer. And Augustus Waters who is in remission from bone cancer. It is about their friendship, their love, and how they choose to live the time they have been given.

The Pirate’s Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson

pirateThis is the story of two strong-willed Jamaican women and how their lives were influenced by the great actor Errol Flynn. Ida is a young girl when she first meets Errol. It’s his first visit to the island and he is enchanted with the people, the food and the culture. Ida’s father, Joseph, and Errol become great friends, which leads the young Ida to fall in love with the dazzling actor. Errol is known for his philandering and multitudes of lovers, but when Ida is older she in turn dazzles him. They have a quick love affair that ends when Ida finds herself pregnant.

Ida’s story continues as she struggles to raise her daughter in near poverty and as she tries to get over the man that abandoned her. At this point in the novel, we start on May’s story – the love child of Errol Flynn and Ida. We learn of her struggles from a young child, living in a boarding house as her mother works in America, dealing with the mystery of who her father is (no one hides the fact, but no one has ever explicitly stated who,) and growing up with the history and legends that are her lineage.

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